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We are a small family farming business located in north east Suffolk, where the Mobbs’ family have been growing free range turkeys in a traditional way for over eighty years. Percy Mobbs was the first one in the family to become a farmer. In those days he had a mixed farm with crops, poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle and even blackcurrants.

Today, on the same land, we grow free range turkeys, Suffolk guinea fowl and a mixture of arable crops, including wheat, barley, beans, peas and oilseed rape. Although much has changed in farming over the decades we are proud that we still grow and prepare our turkeys in the traditional way and we mill our own turkey feed from the grain grown on the farm.

Our business relies on the whole family and if you meet us at one of the food festivals or farmers markets, you won’t only come across me and my wife, Judith, you may also meet our three children Fran, Alan and Graham, who each play their part in the business as the fourth generation to be involved.

Chris Mobbs

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