Suffolk Free Range Turkeys

Suffolk Free Range Christmas Turkeys from Cratfield

P.A. Mobbs & Sons have been rearing the very highest quality free range Christmas Turkeys for over 80 years. Choose between the black, bronze or white turkey, according to your taste, all have enjoyed a happy life in grassy paddocks. Our turkeys are grown slowly and fed on our own wheat, barley and oats that we grow and mill on the farm. We mill our own food so that you can be sure that only the best quality feed is used, there are no hidden additives and we can offer complete traceability.

The special care and attention we devote to rearing your turkey continues as we prepare it for the table. The Cratfield Turkey acquires its unique flavour and texture through being hung for minimum of ten days and is then hand prepared for the oven.

What size turkey do I need and how much will it cost?

The size you need will depend on how many you are feeding, numbers of adults and appetites. The chart below is a guide. Don’t forget – if you want leftovers for those yummy boxing-day sandwiches you will need to add an extra person or two.

Below are prices for direct sales to customers who collect from the farm. We can also arrange delivery to your door for an additional charge of £15 (this includes packaging). Please contact us for further information.

Approx. Weight Cost per bird
Free Range Bronze Turkey
Cost per bird
Free Range White Turkey
4 to 4.99kg (10/11lbs)  £63.50  £59.50
5 to 5.99kg (12/13lbs)  £69.50  £65.50
6 to 6.99kg (14/15lbs)  £78.00  £74.00
7 to 7.99kg (16/17lbs)  £86.50  £81.00
8 to 8.99kg (18/19lbs)  £92.50  £87.00
9 to 9.99kg (20/21lbs)  £98.50  £92.50
10kg plus (22lbs +)  £104.00  £98.50

As well as buying directly from us, we also partner with some fantastic butchers and farm shops who stock our birds. For details of all our suppliers and how to contact them directly click here.


A fine free range bronze turkey

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