The Suffolk Guinea Fowl

For a special treat why not try one of our Suffolk Guinea Fowl, reared in the same traditional way as our turkeys and hand finished for your table. Guinea Fowl have a delicate flavour, are versatile to cook and delicious to eat. At our tasting events people love their flavour and they often tell us they taste “like chicken used to”. Try them roasted or in your favourite casserole dish. We have posted some of our own favourite recipes on our recipe page.

Our Suffolk Guinea Fowl are very different from the French intensively reared birds often sold in supermarkets or served up in less discerning restaurants. Our English Guinea Fowl have been fed on whole grain grown on our farm and reared slowly to reach maturity. They are also larger than imported birds, so you will find that one Suffolk Guinea Fowl will feed four people.

You can buy our Suffolk Guinea Fowl directly from the farm, through one of our suppliers or delivered to your door. A medium-sized bird (1.5 to 1.8kg) will cost £16 and a large bird (1.9kg to 2.4kg) will cost £18.

Please note: For online orders add £20 for postage and packing. The final date for online orders requiring courier delivery is 30th November 2022.

If you would like to order directly please email us your order at [email protected] or telephone the farm on 01986 798340. If you wish to order from our suppliers please contact them directly, details are provided here.

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